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File Splitcryption

Once you have uploaded an original file, it will be encrypted using the Splitcryption method. This process results in two files being created. One of which (the "Splitcryption key" file) will be returned to you as a downloadable link. This key file contains general information about the file (such as filename and file type). Most importantly, it also contains randomly sized sections of the uploaded file, in addition to instructions on how to recreate the original file in future.

Upload original file

File Decryption

Your uploaded Splitcryption key file contains information to identify and reconstruct the original file. Once it has completed the restoration process, the file is loaded into the active browser window and made available to download.

The file reconstruction process stores working data in the server's memory and is discarded as soon as the file's data is sent back to the user. As a result, the reconstructed file isn't physically stored anywhere on the server.

Upload Splitcryption key